Planning A High School Graduation Party

Project Graduation | After Graduation Party TexasIn just about any country, not just the United States, a High School Graduation is synonymous to celebration. The High School Graduation is a defining moment in one’s life and therefore, it’s not only acceptable, but expected to celebrate with a party that includes friends and family! After all their hard work and sacrifice, graduates look forward to celebrating their achievements and stepping into their future.  What about you? Do you want your High School Graduation Party to be a memorable event?   Here are some tips from to make it a blast!

The first thing you need to consider when throwing a high school graduation party on a budget is the size of the party. The number of guests that you intend to invite will effect where you can host it, the amount of food you will need to provide, party supplies, etc… If you are trying to keep the costs at a minimum, think about only asking close family and friends. If your graduate wants to have a party with a lot of friends, think about having the party for friends only and then a potluck family dinner at a later time for the relatives.

Once you figure out the number of guests, the next thing you will need to do is decide on a time and place. The cheapest option would be your home since it would be free. If you feel as though your home is not big enough to host a high school graduation party, ask a relative or friend if they would be willing to let you use their home. If you want to host it in a different setting, consider asking your home church.

A High School After Graduation party is an event that should be remembered forever.  Here are some more guidelines for planning the perfect After Grad Party….

Once you have your time, date, and guest list, you will need to send out graduation invitations. This could be your biggest money saver when throwing a graduation party on a budget. If most of the guests are technologically inclined, you can use a website like, or create an event on Facebook. The best things about using these websites is that they are free, they will keep track of RSVPs, and they are easy to create. For the less technologically minded guests, you could send traditional invitations. Go to a place like Target or Wal-Mart. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on invitations that will eventually wind up in the trash.

Another way to save when throwing a graduation party on budget is to be smart when buying party supplies. Take pictures of your graduate from birth to graduation and place them all around the party site. People will have much more fun looking at the photographs than anything else. Don’t spend a lot of money on special graduation cups, napkins, and plates. Instead, buy plain supplies in the graduate’s school colors. The same goes for any balloons or streamers.

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Even with a very limited budget, you can still have a lot of fun and entertainment at a project graduation event! It is not about how much expenses will be incurred but maximizing the most of the time to have fun in celebrating one of the most important events in a young person’s  life.  Planning a successful high school graduation party requires organization, creativity and so much more…

A graduation will  be remembered for years to come.

With all the effort made to reach graduation day, the recipient of a graduation party will certainly be grateful for the work put into a well planned graduation party. With Texas Entertainment Group, you will be assured of a surefire success!  The “fun” company in Texas, TEG pays attention to details and provides a wide variety of services!

Whether you are planning a small Project Graduation party or a huge event for all your friends, TEG has what it takes to make a graduation an event they’re remember for ever.  How about a mobile zipline?  Or some competition with the “Redneck Games”?  Of course, there are always bounce houses, interactive games and carnival games.  Texas Entertainment Group has entertainment attractions that will keep the young ones busy, keep everyone smiling and absolutely THRILL these extreme sports lovers.  For more information on Texas Entertainment Group Attractions, visit their website,

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