It’s Not Too Late To Raise Funds For Your After Prom

After Prom Fundraiser DFW | Post Prom Planning DallasProms are usually the most exciting and anticipated aspect year end for high school students.  Very few people ever forget their first prom.   Planning requires a great deal of time, work and most of all expense management. And, of course, prom is only part of the event.  Post proms in DFW have become just as important as the actual prom for many schools.

After proms are promoted to keep teenagers indoors and safe the entire night of the prom.   Whether the same person plans both events, or if you have two separate committee planners, the basic fact is that prom events cost money.  And fundraising is a very important part of the process.
Fund raising for an After Prom in DFW can considerably help lessen prom expenses for students and their families. Raising money for prom activities can be challenging so it’s most effective to start early.  However, for many reasons this doesn’t always happen.  Don’t worry though….It’s not too late to raise funds for your after prom! Here are some noteworthy tips from to raise funds for your after prom event:

Have students get together one weekend at the school to wash cars for donations. Designate students to bring soap, towels, sponges and buckets. Have other students create signs advertising the car wash to set up along the road near the school in the days leading up to the event. Ask for donations only; oftentimes, you will raise more money with donations than by setting a price.

Designate a weekend to have a big fundraiser yard sale at the school. Ask students to bring in items their families no longer use, such as baby items, furniture, clothes and toys. Have students make signs for advertisement and work on price tags for each item. Add to the yard sale by combining it with a bake sale. Have students bring in cookies, beverages and other baked items to sell to customers, or ask local bakeries or stores to donate baked goods for the sale.

Since some parents would want to be assured of an after prom party that would be safe and well-supervised, most schools see the need to also spearhead after prom parties to ensure every detail is taken cared of completely. This is where all the consolidated effort from the school administrators, teachers, parents and the students come in. From selling of goodies, baskets, car wash, concerts, bake sales, rummage to art fairs and marathons.

Sell baskets at an auction. Have each homeroom class in the school come up with a theme and create a basket using that theme by having each student bring in an item to put in the basket. For example, one class could decide to create a baby basket. Someone could bring in a baby bassinet and the rest of the class could fill it with diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bottles and other baby items. Every class makes a different basket. Advertise the basket auction for one evening after school. Sell tickets at the fundraiser for people to place in a bucket in front of each basket. At the end of the night have a student draw a ticket out of each basket and the winner gets to take that basket home while the school gets to keep the funds raised by selling tickets.

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This are just a sampling of fundraisers you can use for your post prom event.  There are plenty more…just use your imagination and make sure to think outside of the box!  Texas Entertainment Group (TEG), your most trusted entertainment partner offers a wide variety of options for special occasions, get-together and after prom parties. TEG, can make a magical moment in every event with this year’s new great rides and games to choose from.  But, keep in mind, that TEG isn’t just for the event.  Check out our website.  You might be able to set up the perfect fundraiser, using some of OUR fun activities.  With just a little imagination, you could have the best post prom Dallas-Ft Worth has ever seen!

Whether it’s a company picnic, a block party, a graduation night or an after prom party,  the best way to make things happen is to contact TEG.

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