Party Rentals in DFW Offers Fun Fall Activities

You can find all kinds of fun for your next event when you look into party rentals in DFW. Get ready to set up some amazingly fun fall activities that everyone will enjoy. You can find rentals that will be a great fit for any type of event you are hosting from company picnics to birthday party events. Check out some of the newest attractions available from the top Rental Company in Dallas:

Order your Wrecking Ball TODAY!

It’s totally extreme for a fun and interactive fall activity. When it comes to high energy this is the ultimate game! Set up for four players at a time, each player climbs on top of their inflated pad. One of the players grabs a hold of the wrecking ball and chunks it at an opposing player. This idea is to knock that player off of their inflated pad. Players try to grab the wrecking ball as it swings back and forth. The last player on their inflated pad is the WINNER!

Get in on the Boot Camp Obstacle Course!

Get ready….Get set….and…Go! Two opponents at a time attempt to see if they’ve got what it takes to survive the Boot Camp Obstacle Course. This amazing course includes swings, slides, dips, and dives! Last one to the finish line by completing the course, wins!

Get ready to run like a hamster with the Zorb Ball Race!

This is the best race ever invented! Simply crawl inside the giant Zorb Ball and go! Using your arms and legs propel yourself down the course runway all the way to that finish line. You might feel like a hamster pedaling on a giant wheel, but you will have fun and get a work out just the same!

Get ready for your Redneck Challenge with the all new Redneck Games!

Redneck Games

Redneck Games

The brand new multi-player action packed Redneck Games is designed to challenge your endurance, agility, and balance. You will feel like you are in the midst of the swamp lands nestled in the Deep South! Set up for four players this game is full of excitement. Avoid the logs, wrestle with the Alligator and then get ready for the saw blade that is out of control! When you have mastered everything and are the last man or woman standing you can be the Champion Redneck!

Step up to the Gunsmoke Challenge!

Venture back into the days of the wild old west and have your skills as an outlaw tested with the shooting challenge of Gunsmoke. Try to knock down as many targets as you can!

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