Tips for Finding the Best Inflatable Holiday Party Rentals in DFW

The key to a party that is successful lies in finding unique entertainment to keep the guests happy. Setting up an obstacle course, bounce houses, or a slide is a great way to add fun and to keep the guests entertained throughout the entire event. One aspect that can often be overlooked when planning holiday parties in DFW is the use of inflatables. Generally, inflatables are most appreciated by children who could play with them for hours and hours. If you are looking for the best holiday inflatable party rental ideas, here are a few you can choose from:

Monster Size BasketBall: If you want to give the guests at the party a big surprise, you can offer them a big inflatable basketball. A monster basketball is fun for all ages.

Giant Boxing Gloves: Now, you’ve see regular boxing gloves, but what about big glove boxing? You can gather these amazing gloves and kids and adults will be in for a great time! The gloves are designed to be one size fits all and no doubt will bring about a multitude of fun and laughter.

Inflatable Bungee Run in Dallas

Inflatable Bungee Run in Dallas

The Bungee Run: No matter if, you are outdoors or indoors this bungee track will have children sliding about for many hours. Having these inflatable’s are like having your own field and track set up and it can be installed in just a few minutes. The competition that it inspires will be nothing short of fierce, as two players begin to compete and speed limits are nonexistent. The trick of this game is to place your baton as far on the end of the track as possible…before that bungee cord pulls you back. This is a great competitive game.

The Cash Cube: Everyone loves cash! This unique cube is an excellent start for any party. It can be used for any type of give away, grand opening, church event, or just fun for your party. There is no limit to the amount of enjoyment that can be provided by this type of inflatable.

Human Bowling: Most people are tempted to cross the line when they bowl, however the rules of the game make it quite impossible. It is fortunate that human bowling has been invented! You can obtain a six-piece track and find you and your guests in the middle of the action. This is a game that will be enjoyed by all.

Human Sphere: This game comes with two spheres per set. It allows you to test your equilibrium by rolling as far as possible. These amazing spheres will put your right in the middle of the action. These are the most suitable for children and adults.

Some of these games are great for the outdoors, but many of them can be used indoors or outdoors depending on the type of venue you are in. The basic truth is that you can plan a unique holiday party in DFW by making a quick call to your favorite Party Rental Company. For more information on indoor and outdoor games visit our website

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