Which Is Better For My Event – A Dallas DJ Or My Own Music?

Bobby DJ | Hiring a DJ in Dallas PartyAt the time of planning an event, most people wonder if they should go with their own music or hire a professional Dallas DJ. It is not as tricky a decision as many might perceive. The obvious choice is always to hire a professional Dallas DJ, unless the budget limits your options and doesn’t allow such a choice. If you can find an affordable Dallas DJ, from a professional company like Texas Entertainment Group, then using one’s own music collection doesn’t really make sense.

  • There are numerous limitations with one’s own music collection. First, you would be using your own music via a device. It may be an iPod, some CDs or DVDs, or you can plug in the speakers with your desktop, laptop or tablet and start playing the music for the event. In all these cases, there are distinct limitations. An iPod is simpler to plug in than CDs and DVDs because the former doesn’t need your attention to keep changing the discs. But an iPod would have a limitation as to the number of tracks you have. It is possible that you may be an avid musician or a staunch music lover and you might have thousands of tracks. Even then, a professional Dallas DJ would have more tracks than you. In other words, the collection that a Dallas DJ would bring along would always be larger, more varied and more enticing than anyone’s personal collection. A DJ is a professional. It is their obligation to the profession to have almost all tracks that exist in the public domain as well as some never heard of tracks or those that are only in limited hands.
  • With one’s own music, there is no opportunity to have some experimentation or any surprises. You cannot have any on the spot remixes or any unique compositions. You would be obliged or compelled to play songs or compositions that people have already heard and perhaps have been hearing all the time. You cannot surprise your guests or yourself. In other words, your event would be just another day, noon, evening or night when some music has been put on and some people have tried to have some fun. You can change this entire paradigm by hiring a Dallas DJ from a company like Texas Entertainment Group and have an event that your guests would never forget.

But the big consideration is what kind of excitement you want to offer at your event.  A professional DJ can make all the difference in a boring party and fantastic fun for everyone.  A good DJ can get almost everyone involved in one way or another.  DJ’s are more than music providers.  They offer fun, interaction & a guarantee that you’ll get the laughter, fun & music that you want to see.  For the best DJ’s in DFW…give the professionals at Texas Entertainment Group a call.  Or visit their website at

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