Holiday Corporate Entertainment Ideas in Dallas

Texas Entertainment Group is a company that provides party games and activities for any type of event. Whether it be a Holiday Party or a Christmas Party, this group has long provided a variety of amusements that can be used for all types of festivities.   They provide quality in-house entertainment that is unrivaled in terms of fun and pizazz. TEG is the expert party rental company that will support you as you are planning your event and for that very reason they are always the first choice for any type of party planning in DFW.

Corporate Event Planning in Dallas

Black Jack|Corporate Event Planning in Dallas

Corporate Entertainment Ideas in Dallas have to include indoor activities.  Many times it’s too hot in the summer and it can certainly be too cold in the winter.   One great activity is the digital graffiti wall. This wall allows you to post a picture on a wall that is projected from a camera and you can spray-paint and design to be what you want. You use real spray cans and when you press down on the cap, it “sprays” light. This type of digital paint appears wherever you spray it and you have an assortment of colors to pick from. This is a type of game that will let you paint whatever you have ever wanted to paint on someone.  It’s a huge hit wherever it goes.

Don’t discount TEG’s wide assortment of casino games. From Texas Hold ‘Em and Slots to Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, and their Money Machine, casino type events offer fantastic corporate fun.  If a company is planning an adult themed night, they can’t go wrong with a wide assortment of casino games.  Of course, casino event games aren’t just for Corporate Entertainment but work well for a Holiday Party or a Christmas Party too! Gambling always seems to add a different feel and vibe to the party and TEG ensures that it is a fun, friendly environment for anyone to enjoy.

High Tech games offer a special type of entertainment. From Gun Smoke and Full Throttle to old favorites like Guitar Hero, there are always different options and always something to do. It is up to you how diverse you want your party to be and how many different activities you want to offer.

The possibilities are truly endless and Texas Entertainment Group will make sure to provide all types of fun for your party!  For more information visit

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