Finding a DJ for your Holiday Party in DFW

DJ Bobby Bradley‘Tis the season for holiday parties! If you’re planning on throwing a big holiday blowout this year, you’re probably wondering what you’re going to do for music. In between planning for the catering and the color scheme, you may want to consider hiring a DJ. Instead of coughing up for a band, a DJ will provide you with all of the musical entertainment you need without the extra cost.

But how do you go about hiring a Dallas-Ft. Worth DJ? Here is our guide to hiring a DJ in DFW.

Start by Asking Around

In order to find the right DJ for your event, you can start by asking around. Generally, the people who will most likely be able to help you are newlyweds, wedding planners, anyone in the public relations industry, radio stations, caterers or event planners. These individuals spend a lot of time planning events and will most likely know someone who can recommend a good DJ. And if not, they will most likely know someone who knows someone.

Additionally, you can also check the internet or by calling the phone numbers listed in music magazine ads. However, you will want someone who fits your taste, style and budget, so it’s better to get a referral.

Interview a Few People

Once you have a list of recommended DJs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can contact them for interviews. You can also ask for music samples or even attend a few events in order to see them in action. Attending an event is ideal because then you can see things like the report with the crowd, professionalism and the variety of music he or she draws from.

Narrow Down the Contract

After you have selected a DFW DJ, the final step is to hammer down the contract. Make sure that you treat the DJ as a professional by offering a complete contract with all of your requirements spelled out in black and white. You will also be able to negotiate things like equipment, lighting, emcee duties and length of time to cover the whole event.

Some DJs may ask for a deposit up front. This is something you may have to negotiate. Any disagreement about fees should be settled before signing the contract.

Obviously it’s best to hire your DJ as early in your planning stages as possible.  Some of the best DJ’s might be able to offer suggestions for other DJ’s if they aren’t available.

Lastly price shopping is not the best way to choose your DJ.  If you want a great event, you will want a DJ that not only offers great music but one who will be energetic and help your crowd get into the right mood for the event.

Some of the best DJ’s in DFW can be found at  They have years of entertainment experience and can guarantee a successful event.  Give them a call today or check out their website for some great entertainment ideas.

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