Choosing Carnival Game Rentals For School Carnivals In Dallas

A school carnival in Dallas would be incomplete without the exciting games and activities that are ideal for carnival fun. Carnival game rentals are the easy way to make the entire event a grand success. However, given the fact that there are hundreds of carnival game rentals to choose from, choosing which ones you would eventually decide to have at your event in Dallas takes some brainstorming.

It is best to start with an assessment of the age of the kids, the budget you have at your discretion, the venue and the time of the year when you are planning to host the carnival. Also, you should determine if you would only hire carnival game rentals for the kids or have something that kids and adults, both can enjoy.

The reason why age is a determining factor is because there are many carnival game rentals, which won’t appeal to teenagers and there are plenty of options which are only meant for kids below the age of ten or twelve. Some of the more popular carnival game rentals are Bang A Ball, Can Smash, Cotton Candy, Down A Clown, Hoopla, Leap Frog, Milk Bottle Toss, Plinko, Popcorn, QB Toss, Red & White Tent, Ring Toss, Soccer Kick, Tic Tac Toe, Money Machine, Bull Ringer, Bring Home The Bacon, Potty Toss, Chicken Flight School, Prize Wheel, Operation, Pin The Tail and Sucker Punch among others.

Chicken FlightAs the aforementioned names would have suggested to you, all of them are not ideal for every age group. Some of these carnival game rentals would mesmerize very young kids while some would be beyond the reach or understanding of kids who are not at least ten or twelve. Thus, you have to choose the activities and rentals based on the age group. Something you also might want to consider is carnival skill games that are easy enough that parents and kids can play together. Tic Tac Toe and other “like” games are good choices for this.

Also…carnival game rentals, don’t always mean just carnival games. Inflatables are a huge part of school carnival activities too. The size of the venue, whether it is outdoors or indoors, how long the carnival would be open and what time of the year you are planning the carnival would also dictate your choice of carnival game rentals. For instance, you cannot plan water slides during winter carnivals. But you can always go for the normal slides like the Giant Jungle Slide, Kraken Slide, Backyard Slide or the Sabretooth Tiger Slide among others. Obstacle courses are also a great choice of carnival game rentals and so are sports inflatable options. With different types of sports inflatable, you can get kids, irrespective of their age, and adults involved in the activities.

Whatever type of games you choose, make sure to keep a record of the success (or non-success) of the item. You’ll want to make this information to the persons planning the carnivals in years to come. This type of information sharing is the best way to plan successful school carnivals year after year.
Carnival game rentals for school and church carnivals in Dallas are extremely easy when you ask the advice of the experts at Texas Entertainment Group. Give them a call today and you’ll be well on your way to planning a fantastic school carnival! Or visit their website:

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