Corporate Entertainment in DFW – Rent a Trackless Train for Your Company Picnic

Corporate Entertainment in DFW – Rent a Trackless Train for Your Company PicnicIf you are searching for Corporate Entertainment in DFW, then you have loads of entertainment activities to choose from.  A huge hit at almost any type of event is the Trackless Train.  Trains have a mystery and allure that fascinate everyone.   Kids love trains and  with the reinforcement of some shows like Thomas and Friends and other popular kids’ books about trains they love them even more.   Most of these kids would love to experience an exciting train ride. However, the sad truth is, that not all kids have access to a real train.  Now, with trackless train rides within their reach, it will be an entirely different story.

We all know that company picnics in DFW are a reward for employees, however, the best company picnics reward employees AND their families for a job well done.  With this in mind, it’s important to find activities that everyone will love.

Most picnics start out with  clowns, balloons and games.  But once these are in place, why not rent a trackless rain that is totally cool and unique? Trackless trains don’t have to be used just as rides.  They can also be used as a system to move kids and adults from one area of the event to another.  And the Trackless Train Rides offered by TEG are loved almost as much by adults as they are by kids!

Trackless train rentals can be used either indoors and outdoors depending on what type of occasion is being celebrated. Wouldn’t you like to have a company picnic activity that the kids talk about all year long?  It only takes a little planning to offer something spectacular.  Of course, Texas Entertainment Group has every type of spectacular activity known in the entertainment industry.  Why not try a mobile zipline as a much more “extreme sport” type compliment to your trackless train?
And of course, don’t forget all of the inflatable activities that are standard at almost any company picnic.

Trackless Train Rentals are loved and requested all over the country.  Texas residents are very lucky to have trackless train rentals made available right in their own back yard, through Texas Entertainment group.  Give them a call today to secure a trackless train for your next company picnic in DFW.

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