Why Would You Choose a Water Park When You Can Have a Customized Company Picnic in DFW

Lava Twist Water SlideTEG frequently gets calls from clients who have had their Texas company picnics at a water park in the past.  Many of them have been fairly disappointed.  Here are some of the criticisms we hear:

  • We had our picnic in a water park last year.  We weren’t really happy with it at all.  Everyone seemed to split up almost immediately to do their own thing.
  • A few people did not come because they found many of  the activities will have an additional charge.
  • Many of the women didn’t want to come because they didn’t like the idea of wearing a swim suit at a company picnic.
  • The area wasn’t well contained so parents didn’t feel like they could let their children run freely.
  • Most of the employees were disappointed in the food.
  • The carnival games were typical amusement park games and difficult to win.
  • Lines were way too long.  Kids were frustrated because they didn’t get to do all the activities.
  • Drinks were way too expensive as were all the food items.

There is a big reason why Texas Entertainment Group is the #1 Company Picnic Provider in Texas We understand the issues with water park events and we strive to give our clients great activities, but in a controlled environment that allows every one to have a good time.

Here are just a few of the things you can expect with a Texas Entertainment Group Company Picnic:

  • All of your employees enjoying each other’s company, with great activities and fantastic food all in a safe secured area.
  • The opportunity to choose your own catering company that can fix the foods your guests will like the best
  • A Carnival Midway set up so that all your guests can play as much as they want.  .  You have input into what games will be played.  And what age groups can play, from toddlers to adults.
  • A true “team building” type of company event that encourages your employees to really get to know one another.
  • All costs are set up front.  Employees just show up to have fun and there are no extra charges for the fun activities
  • Texas afternoons are hot!  Your caterer can set up beverage stations so that everyone can stay hydrated.
  • YOUR COMPANY will be the only client at your event and everything we offer will be done especially for you.  No one will be more important to Texas Entertainment Group than your employees and their families.

Texas Entertainment Group doesn’t just offer basic company picnics.  We plan our picnics around your desires.  We offer:

  • Activities for all ages from toddler to teens
  • Inflatable Games & Rides like the Redneck Games and the Boot Camp Obstacle Course
  • Extreme Sports Games like the Mechanical Bull and Mobile Zip line
  • Team Building Activities like the Rock Slide and Wrecking Ball
  • Carnival Midway with your choice of games

If you’re planning a company picnic in DFW give us a call.  Our professional event planners will help you lay out exactly what you want for your big day!    A company picnic should be all about you and your employees and that’s exactly what we give you.  Let us show you what Texas Entertainment Group can do for you!

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