Mobile Zip Line


Feel the  rush of the wind in your hair as you glide over 100 feet with Texas’ 1st Mobile Zip Line!

Texas Entertainment Group’s Mobile Dual Zip Line Rental is a Revolutionary Concept in Party Rentals. This activity that is guaranteed to exceed the expectations of your most discerning customers.
The initial drop can take your breath away and then all smiles when you’re mid-air on the Texas Entertainment Group’s mobile zip line! Create buzz and excitement with the TEG’s mobile zip line for rent!

The portable zip line is easily rider accessible up the 30” wide staircase. At the top of the stairs the riders enter the Launch Barrel until they are safely connected to the zip line. When the operator opens the rotating safety gate the rider is then able to take the leap of faith. The ride slows only the last portion of the ride. Before coming to a smooth stop at the end of the ride.

TEG’s Portable Zip Line is easy to setup. The Portable Zip Line Sets up in around 30 minutes.

About our mobile zip line rentals: We have the highest quality portable zip line on the market which features two lines for increased output. Professional attendants are always includes with our zip line rentals pricing which guarantees a safe and thorough operation. Participants climb up to the top of the mobile zip line tower where they are strapped into a professional harness and then hooked up onto one of the zip line lines. When ready, they leap and soar through the air until reaching the slow stop. Everyone is fascinated by this new attraction and will remember your event mobile zip line for rent you provided. We do Zip Line Rentals in Dallas, Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and all over the USA. Rent a mobile zip line for your next special event, Grad Night, Team Building, Carnival. Our Mobile Portable event Zip line rentals will Wow your people. This Zip line will rock your event, be it a festival, fair, or any event where people want to have fun! Ever wanted to go zip lining but don’t know where the nearest mobile zip line is? Zip line rentals are an action-packed adventure that is traditionally only done in remote places or exotic locations. We bring our portable rental the zip line to you! The mobile zip line for rent stands 28 feet tall and is 180 feet long! The mobile zip line is an adrenaline-packed experience for you and your guests. The Zip Line for rent is mounted on a trailer pulled by our truck and erected with self-contained hydraulics. We need a flat area of about 200 ft. x 20 ft. and 28 ft. vertical clearance, clear of wires or overhanging trees.

*Includes attendants.  Requires ONE dedicated 20-amp circuit – 20’wx200’lx40’h* 


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