Helpful Tips for Planning a Tailgate Party

Tailgate Party in Texas | Houston Entertainment CompanyWe Texans just LOVE our sports!  And we love any type of celebration that is part of a sports event.  Consider the Superbowl…it  is a venue for many football fans and and “NOT” football friends to gather round and unwind over bottles of beer and other fantastic foods.  But do you need to wait for the superbowl for fun?  Nope…in our opinion, tailgate parties are even better!.  What makes this type of get-together exhilarating is the fact that most venues are in parking lots at stadiums and arenas and there is FUN no matter which way you turn.

Tailgate Parties in Texas have been the favorite pastime for many sports enthusiasts year in and year out. However, these parties have gone beyond celebrating sports affairs. More and more people just hang-out for the heck of it (even if they don’t like the sport) and it doesn’t matter what type of  event it is, tailgate parties are all about fun!

An article from Ehow suggests some helpful tips on how to plan a tailgate party.

Instructions for Planning a Tailgate Party in Texas

Plan for food, one of the most basic ingredients for a successful tailgate party. Think of food that can be either cooked in a barbecue or brought pre-made to a picnic area. Traditional fare for a tailgate party includes burgers, hot dogs, corn, sandwiches, pies, potato salad and meat rolls. Read more.

Although food is an integral part of making a tailgate party kick, it might still come in second to the drinks…but that depends on what type of party you are having.  Of course, wearing those football jersey’s,  decorating cars in team colors and playing corn hole are always fun.

In another article from Ehow, “How to throw a tailgate party and ensure a good time”, you  would need a couple of things.

Put on every bit of clothing you own with your team’s insignia on it. You cannot go overboard here. Face paint in your team’s colors is always a nice touch.

Decorate your truck, van or sports utility vehicle (see “How To Decorate Your Vehicle for a Tailgate Party”), making sure to put a flag on your antennae so that your friends can find you.

Pack your ice chest with lots of hamburgers and hotdogs to grill, buns and condiments (see “How to Pack for a Tailgate Party”) along with plenty of beer. If it is cold, you may want to make a batch of tailgate tumblers (see “How To Make A Tailgate Tumbler”) before you leave and bring them along in a thermos.

Read the rest of the article on planning Tailgate parties….

Mobile Zipline in Houston, DFWMany companies also engage in tailgate parties. In fact, this is where the ice-breakers begin. Corporate tailgate parties can be spectacular!  Other than company picnics and summer outings, tailgate parties are a major hit among employees and also with vendors.  Or, if you’re lucky, your vendor might host the party FOR your employees.

Tailgate parties are normally held in an informal setting, and although many parties need little planning, you can take a tailgate party to the top with just a little imagination!

Got lots of room?  Add a bounce house, or a sports themed game!  Or how about the ultimate mechanical bull or mobile zipline?  If you’re planning a corporate event, you want to let EVERYONE know all about your business and these are just a few of the items you can use.

To make your tailgate party in Texas one that everyone will be talking about for years, consider giving a call to Texas Entertainment Group!   Texas Entertainment Group specializes in providing entertainers, extreme sports and state-of-the-art inflatable games for corporate events and company picnics.  TEG is the answer to ALL your tailgate questions.  Visit their website at

With the football season in full-swing, you can think out-of-the-box and provide a never before pleasurable tailgating experience with Texas Entertainment Group . Check out the last man standing with TEG’s Gladiator Joust. What about hiring a DJ to provide some beat coupled with some dance moves from Dance Revolution? Another great entertainment is the Pop Noggins. They just can’t get enough of the laughs!

With Texas Entertainment Group, tailgate parties are a real hit!

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