Where Does TEG Find the Exciting Attractions for Party Rentals in Houston & DFW?

Mobile Zip Line - Party Rentals Houston DFWSomeone asked us the other day, “Where do you find all of your cool equipment?  Do you order it out of a catalog?  The attractions at TEG are also so much more exciting than we see from most other Texas party rental companies.”

Well, first, we really want to say thank you for noticing!  We put a lot of research and work into finding our equipment.  We pride ourselves on offering the newest, most entertaining and exciting products on the market.

We’re actually getting ready this week to choose a lot of our new games and rides for next year.  One of the best places to find rides for party rentals in Texas is to visit the IAAPA show each year.  IAAPA stands for “International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions and it offers the best equipment to some of the best entertainment venues in the world.

Not only do you find the best manufacturers at the IAAPA show, but it’s a great place to see what might be the most thrilling attraction for the upcoming year.  Consider our Mobile Zip line.  The TEG Mobile Zip Line is one of the most popular party rental attractions in DFW & Houston both.  And you could find it first at TEG.  We saw it, tried it, and immediately ordered the attraction after it showcased at IAAPA last year.

Of course, the mobile zip line isn’t the only new attraction we purchased for 2012.  We added a lot of other attractions too, including inflatable slides, water rides, bounce houses, interactive games and some great new photo novelties.

Believe it or not, it takes more to being the best party rental company in Texas than just excellent customer service and a great safety record.  It takes the time and willingness to invest back into the company so that clients are guaranteed that when the call TEG that they’ll be offered everything they need for an exciting party or event.

The IAAPA isn’t the only place we go for attractions.  There are a number of other shows where we can see new rides, and of course, we have years of building a good relationship with the best manufacturers.  Many times we’ll get a call about a new attraction before it’s even been offered to the general public.

You don’t get things like “Pop Noggins”, the multi ride “Mechanical Bull” or the “Coconut Climb” without having some knowledge of what the public is sure to love.  There’s a real trick for finding the right attraction that is unique and exciting to clients, but one that is built for the safety that you require of the best equipment.

So the trick isn’t necessarily buying the first new item you see.  You have to understand what might be safe and what type of product might show problems down the road.  This means understanding how accidents can happen so that you can really inspect how the equipment is made.   Exciting in TEG’s vocabulary means FUN, not DANGEROUS.

So, when you are renting the newest fun item in the marketplace this year, you will be happy to realize that when Texas Entertainment Group offers something new, it’s done with expert research on what is fun and what is safe.  TEG takes a lot of pride in offering party rental equipment in Texas that just can’t be found anywhere else!

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